Month: December 2014

Feeling Stressed? Breathe Pure O2!

Breathing Pure Oxygen in our Hyperbaric Chamber gives you many benefits including healing, energy and stress reduction. If you’re feeling stressed or fatigued this Holiday Season, come get some Pure O2! Oxygen boosts your energy and it helps prevent the

New funding spurs autism and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy research at SFU

It is so exciting to hear of the success and progress being made in using HBOT for kids with Autism. Sherri Ferguson, director of SFU’s Environmental Medicine and Physiology Unit (EMPU)—Canada’s only civilian hypo/hyperbaric research chamber—is busy with renovations in

Gift Certificates Available for Pure O2 Healing

Give the gift of Health and Wellness this year from Pure O2 Healing. Gift Certificates available in any amount. Call us for more information. (253)397-0263. ” Helping heal, one breath at a time”