Pure O2 Healing has given me my pre-stroke self back!  After just a series of sessions, my foggy, unfocused scattered brain became clear, focused and alive again.  I highly recommend this.    MWP   Age 61


HBOT has greatly reduced my tension headaches.  I also had skin lesions on my back and scalp.  After 3 sessions, the lesions on my back were gone and after two more, the raised lesion on my scalp fell off.   An added benefit is my skin feels fabulous!   TM Age 52


After being in the HBOT, my homework, especially math, was easier to understand and I got it done faster.  I could also sleep at night.  JM Age 14


I had severe back and leg pain from bulging discs in my lower back.  The HBOT sessions have alleviated my pain and I am back at work  TM Age 44


After three sessions, there was a huge reduction in my psoriatic rash on my shins.  TM Age 42


I have an artificial leg.  Not only is my back pain gone, but the selling on my residual stump is reduced for the first time since my surgery six years ago.  AM Age 26


My stress and anxiety levels became more manageable.  JK Age 64

I have a broken hip which cannot be operated on.  My sessions reduced the pain in my hip.  I have also noticed an increase in my energy levels and that I am less depressed.  JG  Age 73


I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about 5 years ago. I have been able to maintain my health through various alternative treatments and one of my favorite is HBOT. After each session, I have more energy, am clearer thinking and can walk more easily. Recently with a minor attack, I did 6 HBOT sessions in a row and was able to avoid any steroid use!    CD  Age 35


As an avid runner, I use the HBOT for sessions pre and post races.  It helps speed up my muscle recovery so I am back to running within a few days rather than taking a week or so off from training.   HN   Age 41


HBOT eased the pain, swelling and soreness from a fall while speed skating.  After two sessions, I was back to competing.   MJ  Age 41


Using the HBOT during training has given me more energy, alleviated soreness and allowed my body to rest.  HBOT is the extra edge I needed to get ahead of my competition.  I am encouraging my team to use the HBOT at Pure O2 Healing.     JH  UFC Bantamweight