Autoimmune Disease Relief: The Hyperbaric Chamber

Autoimmune Diseases: Crohns, Graves,Type 1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, MS, Celiac, Psoriasis, over 20 diseases that cause painful inflammation,  brain fog, insomnia, depression, eating disorders etc.


Autoimmune diseases are some of the cruelest ways our bodies can torture us. They take the body’s immune system and use it against the body, rather than against diseases and foreign cells in the body. Autoimmune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis can be helped with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

 Hyperbaric Chamber Autoimmune Diseases

One case study carried out by the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Institute followed a woman with lupus/scleroderma crossover. Her disease was beginning to cause cognitive impairment, which is why she decided to pursue hyperbaric oxygen therapy. After finishing a course of hyperbaric oxygen sessions, she experienced an improvement in her cognitive function[1].

Practitioners believe that hyperbaric oxygen therapy works by repairing parts of the body that have been attacked by an autoimmune disease. Tissue may heal more quickly with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, due to the fact that HBOT enhances white blood cell formation and nerve endings[2].  One of the biggest benefits for autoimmune disease patients is how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can repair cognitive dysfunction, a typical side effect of autoimmune diseases.

Another way that HBOT works for autoimmune diseases is by ensuring that individual cells do not suffer from hypoxia. The health of your cells will be drastically improved after hyperbaric oxygen therapy, making them more impervious to attacks from your immune system[3].

Those who have autoimmune diseases may need to received hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the rest of their lives to keep the body strong and keep it strong against the ill-functioning immune system